What you can do on your Last Week of Work?

Starting today, it will be my Last Week at the office and will take another week to report on my new workplace. Until now, my stuffs are still unprepared although the title of this post concerns with the preparations. LOL

Here is the list of preparations you can do on your last week on work:

  • 1. Pack-up all your stuffs

A week is too much to Pack-up all your stuffs. To have a smooth exit, try doing it now.
  • 2. Check Important Documents

Check the papers you have in your workstation. Separate those important ones from your scratch papers and drawings.

  • 3. Clean your Place

Clean your place for the benefit of the next user that will be assigned on it.

  • 4. Bond with the others

Expect that this week will be the expensive but you can avoid that. Set any activity with them, playing sports then have a dinner afterwards.

Note; make sure that the sport can play by everybody.

  • 5. Practice & Review

I’m in IT so before I report to my new workplace, I must review and practice the java programming and the frameworks and technologies they are using.

  • 6. Improve my Blog here

Since we have a connection to my blog, I have to improve my blog stats before it's late because I don't have Internet connection at home. I have my Prepaid Broadband but it is very expensive to use.

On my last day, the last thing for me to do is gather signatures of my bosses for the clearance.


marhgil said...

good luck! saan ang lipat?

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