Preparations on your first day at work

After I leaved my previous company, tomorrow is my first day at work.

And today I’ll clean up everything including myself and prepare stuff that I will need.

For those who don’t have any idea on how to do it, try my tips.

Here are the following that I must accomplish today:

1. Have a haircut

The mirror of your personality will be your hair. That’s why, you have to choose a clean haircut. Try CLEAN CUT. Hahaha.

2. Trim your Beard, and mustache

While waiting for my employer’s call, I let my facial hair to grow. And now, I have to cut/trim it.

3. Self manicure

Who’s gay? There’s nothing wrong on men having a manicure. Just make your nails clean and don’t put any nail polish because it will look gay to others.

4. Prepare clothes

We’re required to wear business attire. And I’ve already prepared that I’m wearing tomorrow (Honestly, my mother prepared it! Hahahaha).

5. Shoe shine

You can do this all alone. You’ll only need is a shoe polish and a brush (or even a piece of fabric).

And when you’re done, have a beauty rest because tomorrow will be your big day.