New Blogger Features : Pages

New Blogger Features : Pages

Blogger has a new features where you can up to 10 Pages and expose it in your blog.

Here are the ways to use it.

1. Login to

2. From your dashboard, Click on The Post button

3. From the Posting Tab, click Edit Pages link

4. Click New Page button.

5. You will see that it looks like you are creating your post. You can paste adsense ads or even search codes, texts. It depends on your creativity on how you will use the page. After

6. To save your page, you can click the PUBLISH PAGE button. It will ask you if you would like the Pages Gadget to appear. For bloggers who are using the blogger classic theme, Blog Tabs and Blog Sidebar options are appropriate. But in my case who’s using different theme, I prefer the No Gadget option because I will copy the link of that created page into my HTML code.

7. After you created your page, it will listed in your page list.

8. For the new bloggers, this is how I used the page. For the Experienced bloggers, nevermind the following steps I know you can do it more than I can do it. Harhar… 

9. From the Page List, select a page that you can use.

10. Right click from the link and choose Copy Link Location.

11. Then click the Layout Tab.

12. Find this part of my blog, then create a new one.

13. Paste the copied link to my code. And Publish. And this will be the Finish Product.