Avoid your identity to be stolen

After all these years, user identity hacking/stealing is still one of the issues which users are complaining. This horrible line of attack by some cyber hackers is now effective on some popular networking websites particularly in facebook and twitter. To avoid being a victim of this unfair attack, you can follow my advice.
- Don’t show your whole name on your account Your name can be used by others to create an account where they can named it after your profile’s name. You can use your nickname or any names you like as long as it will not show your whole name. - Just include only known friends in your list. In this way, you’re confident that no one will steal your profile. - Make sure that strangers can’t access your whole profile All the networking sites have settings for this. Just let your friends access your profile. - Apply edited images for your avatar - Don’t save your passwords Internet Browsers and some sites will ask you if you want to save your password after you login, it’s not a sin if you select NO sometimes. If you’re only renting a pc, this practice can help you protect your account. - Combine numbers, special characters in your password To avoid thieves to follow your hands while you enter your passwords. It’s a must. Or if you have a short password for your account, just observe your surroundings specially your back before you enter your password and type it very fast. - Delete private data Internet browsers have this option so you can remove it before you leave your machine if you are only renting the pc. These recommendations are only the basics on how to avoid your profile to be hacked or steal. So it’s up to you if you want to search all of it to Google.