Exposing Oracle Database Connection

 Exposing Oracle Database Connection

After Installation, your connection to the Oracle database is not yet exposed so you'll need to configure it inside Oracle.

Your computer is infected!

If your desktop has this kind of problem. You can download Microsoft® Windows® Malicious Software Removal Tool (KB890830). And it will clean/remove this kind of irritating problem. Click this link to download the software.

Avoid your identity to be stolen

After all these years, user identity hacking/stealing is still one of the issues which users are complaining. This horrible line of attack by some cyber hackers is now effective on some popular networking websites particularly in facebook and twitter. To avoid being a victim of this unfair attack, you can follow my advice.

GMA's Missing and found persons report

A Television Network GMA creates a website that aims to help the people find their missing relatives or friends that was affected by typhoon ‘Ondoy’. By the help of this website, user can submit the names of their relatives or friends in this form. And this form will be transfer to authorities who’s still having their search and rescue operation to affected cities in Metro Manila. To submit a report simply click this link.

Google Wave

A newest and hottest communication and collaboration tool is now here. Google calls it Google Wave. Check these videos why they called it WAVE... I post some of its videos for the readers of my blog.