Safe Mode

Using Safe Mode, you can fix the problems of your machine, here are the instructions:
  • When you hear a beep after your computer starts, immediately press F8. Or if you don’t hear anything, just keep on pressing F8 key.
  • After pressing F8, you will have the Windows Advance Menu.

  • Use the cursor to select the option for “Safe Mode”.
  • Hit Enter key from your keyboard to start your machine in Safe Mode.
  • If you got more than 1 user accounts in your machine, you can select any of them as long as they are member of the administrator group.
  • After you selected a user account, a window will immediately appear.

  • Click yes, if you wish to continue using the Safe Mode without the function of the System Restore. System Restore lets you choose the Restore point which your machine is running normally with no abnormalities in your system.
  • Click No, if you wish to continue in Safe with the use of System Restore.
From there, you can fix your computer and even transfer your important files if you wish to format and install a new copy of Windows Operating System.