Upgrade Liferay Portal 5.2.2 to 5.2.3

To upgrade you liferay portal 5.2.2 into 5.2.3, simply follow this instructions:
  1. Create a folder liferay-portal-5.2.3 to the same directory of your liferay-portal-5.2.2
  2. Copy the compressed LR 5.2.3 to the created folder, then extract the file.
  3. Since i have my portal-ext.properties file which contains my connection string to mySQL
database , I've copy and paste it to new LR 5.2.3 on the same directory. For Linux users, you can do this part to run liferay:
  • - From your terminal window, go to the bin directory of LR.
  • - Type ./startup.sh, press enter.
  • - Type tail -f ../logs/catalina.out
and liferay will automatically run. For Windows users like me, simply follow these instructions:
  • - Click the startup.sh batch file from the bin folder under tomcat and it will automatically run.
Observe tomcat while running, all the tables from the lportal database are upgrading which means that all your uploaded documents/files are upgrading to liferay 5.2.3 but the other files which you paste from the LR 5.2.2 like jsp files/ jpeg,etc will not be transferred. Just do it manually, copy-paste it to the same directory. Sources:

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