Why more people are shifting from Friendster to Facebook?

I’m also one of the people who already shifted to facebook but I didn’t disable my account in FS because I have my geek group there.
Although I got an account in both social networks, I preferred to use facebook rather than friendster. I’ve saved a lot of images and friends on my FS compare to FB that was newly introduced to me because of thousand flash applications and question and answer portions like “How big is you d*ck?” and many more. I’ve created my FB account because of these things called “FLASH GAMES” like Pet Society, and Restaurant City. Today FACEBOOK is the hottest social community site globally and also FRIENDSTER already received that crown when they acquired so many users and this is the reason that’s why their site is sometimes unavailable or under maintenance.


Bryan Karl said...

Facebook is hotter than Friendster nowadays. But I don't use any of them that much. But FB's better really. :)

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