Self Migration From Visual Basic to JAVA

Self Migration From Visual Basic to JAVA

After watching videos and reading e-books about Java, I unexpectedly appreciate the importance of class in Visual Basic. And since they’re both belong to OOP and uses objects, it will be easy for a programmer to shift his course from VB to java or vice versa. For a deadkid like me, it took a month for me to completely understand the ins and outs of java. I want to share my story on how I do the migration on being a javaman.
After 1 year of testing, bug fixing and producing a lot of documents for visual basic projects, I’m now starting to migrate into a JAVAMAN. I don’t know the real plan but I’m happier on what I was doing and it gave me reasons to create and publish this post. After I was transferred here in my temporary location, I started and still reading more e-books and watching video tutorials with reference to java stuffs. Since I was in my temporary table, I also have my temporary boss that gave a task to create a page for the maintenance of a table. The good thing is, they already have the whole system and I thought It will be easy because I can copy-paste codes for my page but I was stunned when I saw a lot of class, xml, jsp files that was already in their repository server. After 5 days, my superiors keep on asking about my little master piece and I feel pressured everytime they do that. After a million questions to my tutor feona and a bunch of pressured moments from my superiors, I already finished my task. Finally! Though I’m learning java, I can still use my visual basic expertise in my special curricular activities. LOLZ!

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Bryan Karl said...

Cool. Ako I know a bit of Java and a very small but of VB. C-baby kasi. I'm learning C# now, for competency's sake. ;)

Anyways, good luck!