Globe, Smart, Sun Prepaid Internet Kit

After I’ve finishes my dues to K-Servico were I bought my first baby[i'm talking about my computer], I'm now starting to wonder what will be my internet connection network. My parents is worried in terms of expenses more that I am that’s why they don’t want me to let my baby stay up everyday, and that’s my reason of choosing prepaid internet rather than DSL and Wireless Broadband.
Since the SMART, GLOBE and SUN are introducing their own prepaid kit, what brand will I prefer? Smart Bro vs Globe Tattoo As a COE student, I have little familiarity about broadband. Water is the primary resistance, that’s why you have to expect a little rain will make your connection sluggish. But according to other consumers like my officemate, he’s surprised in his fast internet connection. He added that a movie can download for only 15 mins. Sounds unbelievable, right? That’s why I’m still finding more proofs that one of those prepaid internet connection network has a higher speed connections.

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Marites said...

am thinking of buying a prepaid internet kit too but am confused as to what brand I should buy. So far, Smart has good reviews and am not sure about the 2.