Create Multiply Account

A friend ask me on how to create an account in multiply. That's why i created this post for those still don't know how to create a multiply account. 1. Log on to the Multiply homepage (see Resources below). 2. Locate the highlighted "Join" box toward the bottom of the screen. Click "Create a New Account Join for Free." 3. Supply the information requested by the form on the account creation page. Pick a User ID of at least four characters long. This name is your Multiply nickname and your website address within the Multiply online social network. The site has a function that lets you know immediately if the online name you've chosen is already taken. Just look to the right of the ID box to see if your chosen user name is available. 4. Choose a password and provide your personal information. At the bottom of the form, reproduce the word or numbers provided to ensure you are a live person joining the site. 5. Click "Register." By doing so you agree to the Multiply website's terms of service. Once registered, your online account is active. 6. Tour the Multiply community to make the most of the site's capabilities. The tour help you create your online social network and find friends already connected to Multiply.

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