CWBLM0011 - An Internal License Management Error Occurred.

CWBLM0011 - An Internal License Management Error Occurred.

RESA II started recieving error messages when users would sign on with client access express running on Windows 2000, the first client would connect but the second would get a license code error that said internal licensing error, here is a description from IBM's website, "Windows NT/2000 Restricted Users (User Group) attempting to start a 5250 terminal emulation session running Client Access Express (5769XE1) V5R1M0 receive a CWBLM0011 error message. This error does not occur when logged on to the PC as the Windows Administrator. The error appears more frequently when the users attempt to start multiple Client Access sessions." It appears to happen because the user doesn't have permissions to update some registry keys that client access likes to update occasionally, so this error message can happen at any time and doesn't appear to have any rhyme or reason. In RESA II's case, Tim believed it was caused by installing as Administrator and the users are restricted, and not part of the admin group on their local machine, so they don't have permission for a LOT of stuff. We think that maybe you could ad the user to the local admin group and maybe the problem would go away, but we haven't verified this yet, and in Cabell's case, would not be allowed, since they do not want users to be in the admin group for the local machine. Mark said he would try to verify this for me the next time they got a call on one. IBM has seen this problem a lot and they said it could happen at any time, and they have seen it on Windows Nt and 2000, no word on XP as of yet. They have a fix for it, here is the file (, and here are the instructions: You must be running Client Access R450 with Service pack SF66513, you can verify what version you are at by going to the start menu, settings, control panel, Client Access, the general tab of the Client Access properties icon will contain the VRM and the service level. If you are not running the proper version you can download it here ( and the readme file is here ( After you verify what version you are at, then Locate the older versions of cwblm.dll and cwblmsrv.exe on the PC and rename them, copy the files in the zip into the same location as the originals, reboot the PC and try the sessions again. This fix should fix the current problem and keep it from happening again.


Don Bry said...

Give "everyone" full access Permission with REGEDT32 to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\IBM\Client Access\CurrentVersion\Global
System Information\"SERVERIP"\License Management\

Anonymous said...

On the IBM site I finally found the cause (in my case)

CWBLM0011 RC=6211
The most common cause of RC6211 is that the user does not have write authority to the location that My Documents is pointing to. The user must have write authority to whatever My Documents is pointing to.

Bryan Arancon said...
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Bryan Arancon said...

Thanks for the comment. The user must be administrator or the user must have WRITE access to the registry by doing my first comment to avoid this kind of error.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled onto a forum post that fixed this issue for me.

Apparently, IBM has APAR SE42451 on this issue already.

In order prevent Cclient Access from using IPv6, we had to add the following system (not user) environment variable:

Variable: CWB_IPC_NOIPV6SOCK Value: Y

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