How to stop automatic spreading of worms

One of the ways the Conficker worm and other, similar malware slimes its way from computer to computer is by taking advantage of the Autorun feature in Windows. If Conficker finds removable media (like a USB drive) on a PC it infects, it will infect that media in such a way that it will exploit Autorun to attempt to automatically infect a new computer when the drive is connected. Microsoft has shared instructions for manually disabling Autorun, but the steps are really meant for systems administrators rather than the average person. And up until this week, when Microsoft released a patch, the steps may not have even worked correctly, according to US-CERT. An easier solution, first posted by Nick Brown and then recommended by US-CERT, involves far fewer steps, but you'd still need to copy a few lines of code and create your own script. Not a big deal, but it could be easier. Enter your friendly neighborhood security blogger. I followed the steps described by Brown to create a ready-to-go script that you can simply download and double-click to disable AutoRun. And just to be thorough, I did the same for the step to turn it back on. I believe the script only works for Windows XP, but if you know differently, by all means let us know with a comment below. Also, it's important to note that if you turn off Autorun, you'll have to manually find and double-click installation programs and other things that would have been automatically started by Autorun. You might also run into trouble with U3 usb drives. But you will block off one of malware's dirty tricks.

Microsoft stops mainstream support in two months

Microsoft finds itself on the horns of a dilemma these days. On the one hand, the company is getting some much-needed buzz and earlier critical support for the upcoming release of its latest operating system, Windows 7. Preliminary reviews suggest the new OS is faster, less of a memory hog, less fussy about hardware, and generally less annoying. At the same time, the good news about Windows 7 is giving consumers and businesses yet another reason to hold off on the purchase of Windows Vista. Corporate sales are particularly anemic; according to some estimates, Vista is installed on just 10 percent of workplace computers. But there is also concern that many in the general public will hold off purchasing new computers until Windows 7 is released, reportedly later this year (a trend that may be driven as much by the economy as concerns about Vista). Free Upgrade for Consumers? In an effort to spur consumers to purchase computers with Vista installed rather than wait for Windows 7, Microsoft is considering a program that would allow recent purchasers of Vista to upgrade to a comparable version of Windows 7 for a substantial discount. The program, known temporarily as the "Windows 7 Upgrade Program," is specifically aimed at consumers and small businesses (larger organizations will need to use the Microsoft volume licensing program). Among other things, consumers will need to purchase a qualifying computer within the eligibility period, have a valid Certificate of Authority, and choose one of the eligible versions of Vista (essentially, anything except Vista Home Basic). There are few details so far about the program, although it appears it will apply to computers purchased after July 1. The upgrade option is tentatively set to expire on January 31, 2010. Sterner Words for Businesses Microsoft is clearly aware that despite its best efforts, many businesses will still think seriously about waiting for Windows 7 to arrive. In an interview with Computerworld, Gavriella Schuster, Microsoft's senior director of Windows product management, warned that businesses will run some risks in taking that approach. "If you're running Windows 2000, you should definitely move to Vista today," Schuster said. She pointed out that Microsoft is planning to cut mainstream support for XP in two months, and argued that businesses will save both time and money by committing to the Vista/Windows 7 upgrade path now rather than later. Schuster also suggested that companies might discover that there is a gap in the support for their applications if vendors discontinue XP versions. Schuster's remarks were echoed in an e-mail Thursday from a Microsoft spokesperson. "We recommend that all customers plan adoption of Windows Vista," he said, "taking advantage of increased security, higher productivity, cost savings, and improved efficiency. In contrast to those migrating from Windows XP, customers on Windows Vista will be better prepared for the transition because compatibility with Windows Vista software, hardware and tools is a goal for Windows 7." Whether either the offer of a discounted upgrade or the warnings of lost time and money are enough to spur new Vista sales remains to be seen. Clearly, however, Microsoft is hoping that the positive reaction to Windows 7 is not the nail in Vista's rapidly-closing coffin.

Pacquiao vs Hattton Free Pay-per-view

Two boxers Manny "The Pacman" Pacquiao and Ricky "The Hitman" Hatton will be facing each other in the middle of the ring on May 2, 2009. Always check my post for free pay-per-view sites.

New Nurse for 2009

A total of 39,455 out of 88,649 passed the Nurse Licensure Examination held on Nov. 29-30, 2008. The examination was administered in 12 areas nationwide. Click this link to see the complete list of new nurses this 2009...

Adobe Flash Flaw Could Give Attackers Full Control

Less than a week after security researchers warned of a vulnerability in two Adobe programs that could allow hackers to compromise a PC comes yet another critical exploit that could hijack your desktop. This time, attackers have targeted Adobe's Flash animation software. According to iDefense Labs, remote exploitation of the vulnerability in the Flash player could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code with full user privileges. That means anything you could do with your PC, the attacker could, too. "To exploit this vulnerability, a targeted user must load a malicious Shockwave Flash file created by an attacker," iDefense Labs said. "An attacker typically accomplishes this via social engineering or injecting content into a compromised, trusted site." Adobe's Black Eye Adobe already has a black eye because of a zero-day vulnerability in Acrobat Reader that has attracted a lot of attention in the press and the security community, according to Andrew Storms, director of security operations for nCircle. The network security and compliance automation firm works with companies like Safeway, U.S. Cellular, and Archer Daniels Midland. "Some people are asking why is it taking Adobe so long to release a patch for the Acrobat bug when third-party companies have already released mitigation steps and a few have even released their own Acrobat patches," Storms said. "Meanwhile, apart from a simple security notice on its Web site, Adobe has been conspicuous by their silence." The optimistic view is that Adobe has been busy working on a Flash update and ensuring a high level of quality in its Acrobat patch. Storms said we have little choice but to take the optimistic view because anything else would further degrade Adobe's reputation with an information-security community already surprised by its lack of response. "At this point, Adobe needs to do two things in a hurry," Storms said. "First, they need to provide mitigation advice for both the known Acrobat zero-day vulnerability and this new Flash advisory. Second, they need to begin an advance notification program so enterprises can plan for Adobe patches." Adobe's Response Adobe wasn't immediately available for comment, but Tuesday afternoon confirmed the vulnerability in its Flash software on all platforms. The vulnerability is in Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions. Adobe rates the vulnerability as critical. Adobe recommended users update to the most current version of Flash Player for their platform. For users who cannot update to Flash Player 10, Adobe has developed a patched version of two earlier versions that are available for download. However, there is still no update on the Adobe Reader and Acrobat flaws. Adobe said in an earlier security advisory that it will make an update for Adobe Reader 9 and Acrobat 9 by March 11. That is still two weeks away. Meanwhile, attackers are actively exploiting the flaw. Adobe's only advice: Disabling JavaScript in Reader and Acrobat may protect users. "Disabling JavaScript provides protection against currently known attacks," Adobe said in its Feb. 19 security advisory. "However, the vulnerability is not in the scripting engine and, therefore, disabling JavaScript does not eliminate all risk."

TWiki On Debian

TWiki On Debian

Here is the easiest way to create TWiki in your Linux Debian OS... Click here to read more...

Mistakes to avoid when applying a job...

Below are the pointers we have to memorize when writing our résumés…I’ve seen it in my windows live mail and it took my attention because I realize that it can help me applying for a job in the future…I hope I help specially those newly grads… Mistake 1: Your objective is unclear If the applicant chooses to include a section about his objectives, it must be related to the position he/she applying for. Likewise, managers filling spots for security, databases, Web development and other specialties are looking for specifics that show a candidate is a good fit for the job. Instead, something directly related to the position you're seeking would be appropriate. Suppose, for example, that you applied for a network administrator job at a community college. "Utilizing my experience to expand and maintain the network to enhance the pedagogical mission of the college" says that you see this as a challenge and that you understand the business of the place you are applying to. This leads to two subpoints. First, whenever possible, show you understand how technology affects the business. Second, decide if an objective section is really necessary. Some people opt to substitute a short description of their professional offerings, which, if done well, can effectively convey both your goals and understanding of the business as well as serve as a snapshot of your most desirable skills. Mistake 2: You've listed old skills I'd like to say it has been some time since I've received a résumé that listed in a skills section "Windows 3.11 for Workgroups," but unfortunately it hasn't. At least it's been a while since I've seen DOS 3.2 referenced. I'm not trying to downplay achievements from over 10 years ago. Yes, I also remember loading Trumpet Winsock before Microsoft Corp. incorporated TCP/IP into Windows, and back in the day, I was a Novell 3.12 CNE. But how relevant are those skills today? They're really not, and including them in a résumé gives the impression of trying to fill the application with fluff. If you do want to mention that you were proficient in tapping ThickNet, leave it for the job description section. When I look at a skills section, I am trying to directly correlate the candidate's skills with what I need. Of course, some network skills that don't change much over time can be listed. If, for example, the ad calls for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol administration experience and you managed DHCP 10 years ago, by all means put it in the skills section. It's the technology no longer in use that should be left behind. Mistake 3: You've created an 'alphabet soup' explosion What is one thing that unites all aspects of information technology? Acronyms. Sometimes I think there is a secret subcommittee of the IETF that follows some obscure RFC for creating network acronyms. It follows that network administrators are often guilty of AERs (acronym-enhanced résumés). Like listing older skills, a seemingly endless stream of acronyms is like data padding in an ICMP packet; it adds only space. If you indicate experience configuring enterprise core LAN routers, I would expect that you understand TCP/IP, SNMP, TFTP, VLSM, VLAN, possibly NTP and VPN, and at least one routing protocol such as OSPF or RIP. There is no need to list them. That's not to say that acronyms and protocols should not be mentioned at all. But if you do, be prepared to back it up. My favorite interview question is to have applicants describe the differences between TCP and UDP, and if you've put TCP/IP anywhere on the résumé, you'd better get the answer right. Actually, that's one of those questions a netadmin candidate should be able to answer correctly no matter what. Mistake 4: You misuse industry jargon One of my biggest pet peeves when reviewing candidates' documents is when I come across a term or statement that has the unintended effect of conveying lack of experience. It may be technically correct but is only seen in textbooks and study materials and not used in the real world. My favorite example of this is "worked on networks with a star topology." I don't recall ever asking a vendor what star-topology products they offer. I know, and so do they, that a switch is a device that distributes connectivity physically and logically from a single location. Including such phrases tells me that you do not have actual, significant experience working on enterprise networks. In addition, don't use buzzwords if you don't know what they mean. If you say you work with both single-mode and multimode fiber, you'd better be prepared to explain the differences and the uses of each. Mistake 5: You're unclear what 'network administrator' means Some IT professionals have a narrow definition of what a network administrator does: works on Layer 2 and up enterprise transport equipment -- in other words, switches and routers. Also included may be such ancillary duties such as DNS and DHCP administration or firewall configuration and support. Others, however, define "network administrator" to include server and systems administration. This would include one who primarily works on the end points of a client/server network. In these cases, administration of the network may not be as important, perhaps because the company has a simple network. Whatever the position, the point is to look beyond the title of the job you're interested in and really examine what the employer is looking for. In my case, I had several applicants who had significant experience configuring, administering to and maintaining Windows servers but zero experience configuring switches and routers even though positions they held had "network" in the job title. They were rejected because I needed a router jockey. Mistake 6: You're vague about your experience, or you're just downright confusing Statements such as "works closely with the network team," "assisted in network installation" or "supported networks" convey nothing about relevant network experience. I work closely with my tax adviser; does that make me an accountant? You need to clarify relevant experience. Also, if applying for an enterprise position, be sure you meet the experience required. If a position requires experience with administering enterprise routers, don't assume that setting up Linksys routers qualifies. All that does is convey that you do not understand the difference between SOHO and enterprise networking. Finally, and this may seem obvious, match the experience to each position, even if it means some repetition. Otherwise, it is difficult to determine the years of experience of, say, configuring routers. I reviewed one résumé in which the candidate described all of her skills first, then simply listed her position titles and dates of employment afterward. Since it was not possible to match duty with position, I could not the calculate number of years experience per duty. The résumé ended up in the reject stack because I was unable to accurately determine if the candidate met the minimum experience requirements. Mistake 7: You lose sight of the goal Remember, your résumé should be directed to a technology professional. Yes, human resources may review the application as well, but ultimately the position's supervisor (and most probably peers) will choose who to interview. Your résumé should talk to them. Do not forget your goal. Get your foot in the door for a face-to-face interview. Craft an application strategy to do so. If you're applying to be a network administrator, have a fellow network administrator or two review your application, and ask them their impressions from a peer perspective. Does it convey that you know networking? If the answer is "yes," you're well on the way to landing that job.

Best Resume Format

Many job seekers agonize over which resume format to use -- chronological or functional? Will choosing one format over the other impact the effectiveness of the resume? Yes it can, but not in the way that most job seekers think it will. The two types of resume formats are very different. Chronological format details the job history in reverse time order, starting with the most recent position and working backwards. This format is the one that most recruiters and hiring managers prefer. Chronological Format Benefits to using a chronological resume include: * Shows your results. The reader can specifically see when and where a candidate achieved results. The guess work is eliminated. * Shows your range. A chronological format highlights flexibility. Many job seekers have held varying positions over their careers, often in different functions, and roles. A good strategy is to showcase that diversity. * Shows your record of success. The progression of a candidate's career, records of promotion, and increases in responsibility are shown clearly. These attest to a candidate's performance record and drive to succeed. Some job seekers worry about employment. Small gaps in employment (a year or less) are common these days. Layoffs, mergers, and acquisitions impact nearly everyone's lives. Handled strategically, they can be minimized in a chronological resume. Functional Format Also known as a "skills resume" it has the content arranged according to performance type and function. A human resource professional for example, might divide his/her skills into categories such as Employee Training, Benefits Management, and Workforce Development. Under each category, the relevant information would be listed or described. A brief work history listing comes at the end of the document listing job title, employer, and dates. I've seen some functional resumes with no employment dates at all. That is a big mistake. A functional format is generally chosen when attempting to make a career change or to minimize a career blemish. Often, the functional format is used when a large span of time is missing from the work history. Problems associated with the functional resume: * Where's the information? Recruiters and hiring managers dislike hunting for information. They want to see past performance, and understand your background. * What's the context? The functional format takes away all frames of reference. A candidate might claim attaining a record breaking sales contract but the reader is unable to place that in context in terms of time and employer. Was that success in sales recent or ten years ago? It's difficult to tell in a functional resume. * What's the problem? Recruiters and hiring managers know that the functional format is often used to try to cover something up. The functional format serves as a red flag -- "What is this candidate trying to hide?" The use of the format to overcome a detriment actually serves to draw attention to it. Today's job seeker is wise to stick with the chronological format as it provides the necessary information to urge the reader to contact the candidate for an interview. Alesia Benedict, Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and Job and Career Transition Coach (JCTC), is the president of, a resume writing firm that provides mid-management and senior level professionals with customized, branded resumes and career marketing documents. offers a free resume critique, and their services come with a guarantee -- interviews in 30 days or they'll rewrite for free!

Philippines : Fare to be lessen by 5 centimos

Good news pilipinas, specially for the commuters out there...together with the continuous dropping of the gasoline price is dropping of our fare in public utility!starting on monday, every transport groups will drop our fare by P0.0!

Eraserheads : Final Set Free Tickets

click this link to win your free tickets for the Eraserheads : The Final Set concert on March 7, 2009 at the Mall Of Asia Open Grounds...

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Live

Watch out for the band Red Jumpsuit Apparatus as they perform on their mall tours this february in manila... March 5, 2009 - Alabang Town Center March 6, 2009 - Greenbelt March 7, 2009 - Glorietta March 8, 2009 - Trinoma

Windows Azure, Windows 7, Visual Studio 2010 coming soon...

These statements are from a news website... Windows Azure provides a scalable and virtualized hosting environment for the development of .NET applications, and a simplified deploying and storage services. Windows 7 is the next desktop operating system designed to enable richer application experiences and integrate the best of Windows and Web services. Finally, Visual Studio 2010 helps development teams bring the next groundbreaking application to the market quickly.

Street Fighter : The Legend of Chun Li Movie Trailer

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Eraserheads : The Last Set

The stage is set for the second installment of the Eraserheads reunion concert. At the MTV-Philippines press conference this afternoon, January 19, held at Italianni's restaurant on Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City, the band announced that the big event will be held at the SM Mall of Asia concert grounds in Pasay City on March 7. Tentatively titled "The Final Set," the concert will once again feature Ely Buendia, Marcus Adoro, Buddy Zabala, and Raimund Marasigan on one stage. The band's first reunion concert last August 30, 2008 at the Bonifacio Global City open field in Taguig ended abruptly after 15 songs when lead singer Buendia suffered chest pains and had to be rushed to the hospital. The legendary quartet was supposed to perform 30 of their original songs, which comprise the bulk of their entire catalog. TOTALLY DIFFERENT. All four members graced the press conference and though the band retained that trademark nonchalance in answering questions, they collectively expressed excitement about playing together anew as one unit in front of a large audience. "Playing with these guys is just like riding a bike," enthused Buddy. "You come on stage, remember all the old songs. It's pretty normal. But it became more exciting, a lot more exciting, when people started counting down and people started singing." A in the first installment, the one-night affair will feature only the Eraserheads with Jazz Nicholas of the Itchyworms serving as auxiliary musician to complement the arrangement of some of the songs. When they were still active as a group, the Eraserheads used to enlist the services of multi-instrumentalist Noel Garcia to tighten their live set. Unfortunately, Noel passed away a few years ago after a heart attack. Raimund dismissed the impression that the upcoming event will only serve as a continuation of the first reunion. He argued that the band and the production team prepared something new and different from last year's concert. The fact that preparations are being laid out this early also means that the concert is more organized. MTV announced that further details will be made public in the coming weeks. As for Ely's health, the enigmatic singer-songwriter assured the press that he's doing fine. "I'm just doing all that I can to prepare myself physically, at least," said Ely, who just like his former comrades came to the presscon sporting a pair of dark shades. He confidently added, "So far, yeah, I'm in good condition to play."
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want to have a date this valentine?

Valentines Day is one sleep away, that's why the speed dating through net are very popular at this time. So if you're single right now and you feel you want to date with someone, try to find some speed dating site. Happy Valentine's Day...

Eraserheads The Final Set online reservation

Click this link to make your online reservation Event Date/Time: March 7, 2009 | Saturday at 8:00pm For the safety of your children, they will only be allowed entry at the venue if they are: * 4 feet and above * Accompanied by paying adult Prohibited Entry * Children below 4 feet in height * Pregnant women * Individuals under the influence of drugs or liquor * Persons with severe heart or medical condition Prohibited items inside the venue * Professional audio or video recording devices * Professional Cameras * Weapons * Glass * Cans * Plastic Bottles * Food * Large metal belt buckles * Big posters/placards/signages * Fireworks * Alcoholic beverages * Spiked Bracelets * Wallet chains * Back packs * Waist packs * Laser Pens * Large chains * Long & pointed umbrella

Bohol Beach Club, Philippines

These photos are taken by Mr. kenneth Yu Chan during our stay in Bohol for our company's Team Building...
Baclayon Church
Bohol's finest scenery, "Chocolate Hills"
Where is the boat?@Loboc floating restaurant
The Beautiful beach of Bohol
You can visit Bohol Beach Club for reservations.